In Gujarat state near the bank of river "Suryaputri (Tapi)" Surat district is located and is involved in great deal with business and development and its population is about 35 lacs. There were about 1000-1200 families and approximately 10,000 peoples are being living "Somavanshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj" has developed a unique identity.

In Surat there are so many people from our community (Samaj) who came from different-different village and are living together and helping much more to our community (Samaj). In other hand there were no poverty helps were available and also having money problem to our community then also we have established 2 "Temples" and 2 "Mangal Karyalaya".

Previously the Surat community people were doing the work of making the wool in Maharashtra. Due to the new technology and the work problem there were having starvation due to that our community people were migrated towards Surat. As Surat was developed we thought that we will not having any starvation problem and at least we will get any job so we migrated to Surat. Slowly and gradually our community people were migrated to Surat but as Surat is a vast area our community people were not able to keep interaction with each other as all are living in different - different places they were facing communication problem. We were not able to share any happiness and misery with each other due to the communication problem. As time passed the community people were interacted with each other and started to live together and from the community few people thought to establish a community group and it were done successfully as "Samaj Panch" on 1966. As the community developed we thought that there should be our own place for our community people the it was made possible by struggling hard and established at Khatodra Neher (Canal) as "Shri Hinglaj Gruh" and also a temple of "Sri Hinglaj Mata" was made under "Sri Janki Ramsa Barad" and "Murlidharsa Solanke" by struggling very hard for the development.

After that on "Shapta Shrungi Gad" a Dharm Saala was established and financial help was done by the Surat community. The Dharm Saala was named as "Akhil Bhartiya Shree Kshatriya Samaj" and all the Surat community were taking the advantage of Dharm Saala.

Form 1966-1984 "Shri Janki Ramsa Barad", "Shri Nathusa Katiyare", "Shri Ramlalsa Hemrajsa Solanke", "Shri Murlidharsa Hemrajsa Solanke", "Shri Brijralalsa Jivansa Danej", "Sri Dattusa Vamansa Jatek" etc., were taking care about the community and made our community as strong as possible.

Other development works were handled by "Shri Kantilalsa Bhikasa Chaute (1985-1989)" and "Shri Pandurangsa Taniramsa Pakhale (2000-2005)" by contributing a huge amount and considered as strong pillar for the community.

In future development there was a problem in our community due to in-satisfaction of place as the growth was there, so by looking that type of problems "Shri Pandurangsa Pakhale" has donated 10 plots having size about (14 by 45 sqr ft.) in Udhna area and named as " Shri Om Sai Jalaram Nagar". On that place "Shri Sahasrarjun Satsang Bhavan" was developed but there was a financial problem in the foundation so to over-come that problem the community people were organised a competition which helped a lot to over - come the financial problem for the development.

In 1997 "Shri Sahasrarjun Mandir (Temple)" and "Shri Krishna Mandir (Temple)" was established. Then "Shri Pandurangsa Pakhale" has presented the statue of god "Shri Krishna". Then after "Shri Ratilalsa Tikaye", "Shri Kasinathsa Solanke" and "Shri Ganpatsa Biladde" also presented the statue of god "Shri Sahasrarjun". In this way all the god's statues were presented by all our community people.

Under the leadership of "Shri Kantilalsa Bhikasa Chaute" in 1985 for "Pothi Samapti" a "Bhahndara" was organised and in the same way "Samuh Lagna (Group Salutes)" was also organised under "Shri Kantilalsa Bhikasa Chaute". In 1986 "Shri Sahasrarjun Co.op Society" was established from which several helps were done for the community people like Loan, Financial Problem, Death Ceremony, Fund and Educational Purpose and much more things. Since 23 years the Society is under "Shri Kantilalsa Bhikasa Chaute (Pramukh)" and "Shri Narayansa Chaute (Up-Pramukh)".

In Surat our community people also established the statue of "Shri Shivaji Maharaj " by showing their full dedication towards the development. In 2000 "Shree Pandurangsa Pakhale " was taken the responsibility as a president. Shree Pandurangsa Pakhale also made a great change in the development by awakening the youth (Youngster) and encouraged them for the education and also helped in the infrastructure problem in "Satsang Bhavan". On the same time "Shri Gulabsa Rathod", "Shri Dadusa Danej", "Shri Chandrakantsa Chote" were helped as a Vice - President to "Shree Pandurangsa Pakhale".

In 2005 the community has got "Shri Deepaksa Pakhale" as a president and "Shri Heeralalsa Pakhale" as a Vice-President. Under the leadership of Shri Deepaksa Pakhale and Shri Heeralalsa Pakhale the fame was diverged in whole Surat city. Under the leadership of Shri Deepaksa Pakhale the team members were "Shri Vinayksa Raotole", "Shri Pradipsa Pavar", "Shri Anilsa Raotole", and youth board president "Shri Pravinsa Danej", Vice-Precident "Shri Vijaysa Bichave". By working as a team member of "Youth Committee Board" and "Women Committee Board" for Surat Community the whole community got the dignity (Pride) also in Maharashtra.

The programs like Samuhik Lagn, Newlyweds, Baal Yuva Pratibha Mahautsav, Raktadan Shibir (Blood Donation Camp), Andhshradha Nivarav (Blindness Prevention), Ganesh Utsav, etc., are held in the community for the better development.

In 2008 the Surat Community people had done a great achievement by establishing "Raj Rameshwar Hall" on the first floor of the Mangal Karyalay Pray Hall. As there was growth in the community "Satsang Bhavan (Satsang Hall)" was became in-sufficient for them so the team has decided to make a huge hall and on 7-may-2008 the construction work was started but the whole estimation of the construction was about 25 Lake. As the amount was huge it was decided to complete within 2-3 years. But by getting the help of community people the construction work was completed within 6 Months. In "Raj Rajeshwar Hall" about 6000 sqr ft. hall was made that was consisting of Kitchen, Bridegroom - Bride Room (Dulha - Dulhan Room), Store room etc., and on 1 -2 -2009 an inauguration was done by "Shri C. R. Patil" on the presence of Party President "Shri Jayavantsa Pavar" and other honourable persons were also present.

Haldi - Kunku Samarambh (Initiation), Independence Day Celebration, Shravan Maas, Katha Aayojan (News Events), Gokulastami, Kojagiri Purnima, Dashera, Shri Sahasrarjun Jayanti, Chaitri or Aswin Navratri Hom - Havan, Ram Navami, Holi, Awakening for Higher Education etc., were celebrated and also different - different Social, Religion and Educational Seminars are organised every year by our community.